Sanderstead Singers – Our itinerary until August 2022

Guildford Cathedral - 13th June 2020

Guildford Cathedral is one of the newer Cathedrals having first been planned in 1932, when Edward Maufe won an open architectural competition to design and build the Cathedral. Work began in 1936 but building was suspended in due to outbreak of the Second World War. Work began again in 1952. The chancel and crossing were opened in 1954 and the nave followed in 1961. The cathedral was consecrated in May 1961. The Cathedral Choir sang for the first time at the service of consecration in May 1961.

Guildford Cathedral actively encourages participation of visiting choirs within its musical repertoire and invites visiting choirs to participate in Saturday Evensong throughout the year. Music is an important part of life at Guildford Cathedral and the Cathedral supports learning programs for both boy and girl choristers and offers organ scholarships for organists to develop their skills.

The Cathedral also has a Music Outreach scheme to bring choral music to the local community and has a group of almost 25 bell ringers to cope with the Cathedral’s 12 bells.

Acknowledgements to Michael Davis from Rochdale in Lanacshire for permission to use the photographs of Guildford Cathedral.


Canterbury Cathedral - 17th to 23rd August 2020

Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest Christian structures in England and forms part of a World Heritage Site. The Cathedral was founded in 597 AD and was completely re-built and enlarged in 12th Century.

The present day structure dates from 14th Century and has evolved over time to the present Cathedral. The last changes were made in 1937 when the Christ Gate towers were replaced, and in 1990 when the statue of Christ was replaced with the current bronze sculpture. Work on the Cathedral is ongoing with a 5 year project, - 'The Canterbury Journey' - which started in 2016.

Music forms an integral part of the services at the Canterbury Cathedral. A combination of cathedral choristers and lay clerks sing at the services on a daily basis. Vistiting Choirs also have the opportunity to sing at Canterbury Cathedral, and Sanderstead Singers last sang there in August 2014.


St Paul's Cathedral - 5th April 2021

The existing St Paul's Cathedral was declared oficially complete on Christmas Day in 1711. A 15 year restoration project was recently completed on the Cathedral in 2011.

Sanderstaed Singers first sung at the Cathedral in Easter 2009 and have continued to sing at the Cathedral on many an Easter since. Their next service at St Paul's Cathedral is on Easter Monday 5th April 2021.


Bristol Cathedral - 23rd to 29th August 2021

Bristol Cathedral is one of England’s great medieval churches. It originated as an Augustinian Abbey and was founded in circa 1140 AD. A Chapel, the Lady Elgar Chapel, was added in circa 1220. It is considered a fine example of a medieval ‘hall church’. Bristol was re-incarnated as one of a series of ‘new foundation cathedrals in 1542. A further 300 years passed before a nave was added to the Cathedral in 1868.

Music plays an important part of daily life at the Cathedral and the Bristol Cathedral Choir consists of 28 choristers who are also educated at Bristol Cathedral Choir School, the first government funded Choir Academy in the country. The Bristol Cathedral Consort, a choir launched in 2009, allows young people from across the city to join and develop skills to professional musical standards. The Consort often perform with the Cathedral Choir and have also widely toured in Europe. There is also an active Bristol Cathedral Choral Alumni which offers a focal point for past singers at the Cathedral.

The cathedral welcomes Visiting Choirs and also hosts events from other musical groups across the City including the Bristol Metropolitan Orchestra.


Truro Cathedral - 22nd to 28th August 2022

The Diocese of Truro was established in 1876. Work began on the existing Cathedral in 1880. The original church, which has evolved into the current building, was St Mary’s Church and St Mary's Church was consecrated in 1259. The site on which the Cathedral is built has a long history of religion dating back to 13th Century.

The Choir at Truro Cathedral not only supports the daily services but also makes an important contribution to music and the arts in Cornwall. The Truro Cathedral Choir dates back to the 1880s and sings at eight cathedral services each week. The Choir consists of a mixture of twelve professional singers (Lay Vicars) and eighteen Choristers. The Cathedral has an active program for Choral Scholars. The musical activities at the Cathedral also support an active program of concerts.

Truro is in the Duchy of Cornwall which includes the Roseland Peninsula. The peninsula has been designated part of Cornwall’s area of outstanding natural beauty. More information about this area is available on the St Maws & Roseland Tourist Website.


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